Tottenham Hotspur (a) 1959/60

Saturday 10 October 1959 at White Hart Lane (Att 59,344)
Wolves (1) 1 (Mason 49): Finlayson, Stuart, Harris, Slater, Flowers, Clamp, Lill, Mason, Murray, Booth, Deeley.
Tottenham Hotspur (2) 5 (Smith 5 44 80 81, Jones 65): Brown, Baker, Hopkins, Blanchflower, Norman, Mackay, Medwin, Harmer, R.Smith, Dunmore, Jones.

Referee: Mr M.Dixon (York).
Order of Goals: t,t,W,t,t,t.
League: Wolves and Spurs were the top two team in the League.
Position: 2nd.