Transfers 1942/43

Eric Robinson was killed in action 1 August 1942

To Wolves

Dowen, JS- Hull City (Guest) 29/8
McLean, A- Aberystwyth 23/9
Rowley, GA- Manchester United (Guest) 17/10
Barrass, MW- Trialist 1/12
Emmanuel, DL- Swansea Town (Guest) 12/12
Franklin, C- Stoke City (Guest) 19/12
Mulraney, AA- Ipswich Town (Guest) 6/2
Reece, TS- Crystal Palace (Guest) 20/2
Hannaby, C- Wath Wanderers 4/3
Bailey, A- Oldham Athletic (Guest) 6/3
Bowden, NH- Arsenal (Guest) 20/3
Battiste, C- Guest 17/4
Hooks, J- Newry Town (Guest) 17/4
Attenborough, G- Guest 26/4

New Professionals

Buchanan, CC- 16/6
Pritchard, RT- 18/9
Roberts, DG- 19/9
Methley, I- 2/10
Dunn, J- 2/11
Malcolm, KC- 1/3
Kelly, L- 1/3
Crowe, V- 21/4
Hazelton, D- 26/5


Rawcliffe, F- Notts County 17/2
Cullis, S- Aldershot Guest
Dorsett, R- Liverpool Guest
Dorsett, R- Lincoln City Guest
King, FAR- Manchester City Guest
Somerfield, AG- Doncaster Rovers Guest
Westcott, DR- Watford Guest
Wright, WA- Notts County Guest











* Guest’s did not sign a contract so for the purpose of the website the date shown is the players debut.