United States

America’s opponents

American Catholic Youth Council All Stars, American League XI, Kansas City Spurs, Ukrainian Nationals of Philadelphia.


America’s to have played for Wolves

Ian Feuer, Jemal Johnston, Marcus Hahnemann.


Other players associated with America

Adi Akinbiyi, Adriano Basso, Mike Bailey, Alan Ball, Norman BellPaul Bradshaw, Colin Brazier, Laurie Calloway, Dave Clements, Carl Cort, Geoff Crudgington, Steve Daley, Peter Daniel, Fred Davies, Derek Dougan, Kevin DoyleJohn Dunleavy, Alun Evans, Clive Ford, Tomasz Frankowski, Ray Hankin, Terry Harkin, Kenny Hibbitt, Alan Hinton, John Holsgrove, Ernie Hunt, Derek Jefferson, Robbie Keane, Brian McGroary, Peter McParland, Phil Parkes, Barry Powell, Phil Robinson, Gerry Taylor, Dave Thomas, Bobby Thomson, Jelle van Damme, Dave Woodfield, Walter Zenga, Ronald Zubar.


American Cities Wolves have played in

Atlanta, Baltimore, Cleveland, Dallas, Houston, Kansas City, Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Seattle, St. Louis, Washington.