West Bromwich Albion (a) 1899/00 SC

Staffordshire Cup (Semi-final)- Monday 20 November 1899 at Stoney Lane (Att 2,150)

West Bromwich Albion (3) 3 (Simmons 10, Jones*, Paddock*): Reader, Adams, Williams, Perry, Jones, Dunn, Paddock, Simmons, Richards, Walker, Garfield.
Wolves (1) 1 (Worton*): Baddeley, Davies, Blackett, Griffiths, Pheasant, Fleming, Chadburn, Harper, Owen, Worton, Miller.

Referee: Mr A Barker (Hanley).
Order of Goals: w,W,w,w.
Injury: Wolves played the last twenty minutes without Trevor Owen.
Date: The Staffordshire FA had tried to arrange the semi-final on 23 October but Wolves could not play it because of the Friendly with Southampton. Wolves opponents tried to claim the tie but failed.