West Bromwich Albion (H) 1895/96 F

Benefit Match- Monday 16 September 1895 at Molineux

Wolves (0) 2 (Wood*, Malpass*): Rose, Baugh, Dunn, Nurse, Malpass, Owen, Griffin, Wood, Beats, Henderson, Edge.
West Bromwich Albion (2) 2 (Green*, Perry*): Reader, Peers, Williams, Banks, Higgins, T Perry, Norman, <cLeod, Green, Hutchinson, Sanders.

Referee: Mr C Crump (Wolverhampton).
Penalty: Took by Billy Beats and saved by Joe Reader early in the second-half with Wolves still two down.
Injury: Albions Tom Higgins didn’t take part in the second-half.
Benefit: The match was in aid of Josiah Hassall’s wife. Josiah had died in May because of peritonitis.