West Bromwich Albion (N) 1893/94 BC

Birmingham Cup (Final)- Saturday 21 April 1894 at Wellington Road, Perry Barr (Att 5,600)

Wolves (0) 3 (Edge*, Malpass*, Kinsey*): Halsall, Baugh, Swift, Griffiths, Malpass, Kinsey, Wykes, Black, Griffin, Wood, Edge.
West Bromwich Albion (2) 3 (Bastock 10, Bassett*, Geddes*): Reader, Nicholson, Crone, T Perry, C Perry, Taggart, Bassett, Norman, Nicholls, Bastock, Geddes.

Referee: Mr T Armitt (Leek).
Injury: Albion went down to ten players after an injury to Sammy Nicholls just a minutes after their opening goal.
Order of Goals: w,w,W,w,W,W.
Trophy: Wolves were awarded the trophy after a thirty-minute debate. Albion declined to play extra time unless Wolves were reduced to ten players to make matters equal.